Community in your company

At our core, humans want to belong and feel connected.

Within your organization, you know it’s important to foster diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Employee resource groups (ERGs) are a powerful way to create supportive networks for team members where they can find their communities within your organization.  

In a remote world, keeping members of your ERGs connected requires more investment of time, resources, and attention. Without them, employees can lose their personal ties and connections in your organization

twine creates space for community and inclusion through our unique ability to connect attendees for impactful, meaningful conversations. Having a space where members of your ERG can continue to feel heard, seen, and understood allows them to feel safe to bring their authentic selves to work.

twine for remote teams

Use Cases

new hire onboarding
Breakouts & Discussions
team building
Training Sessions
sales kickoffs
Speed Networking
happy hours
ERG Meetups
digital watercooler
Peer Networking & Support
group-based matching
Book Club Discussions

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