Networking simplified.

twine is a simple and compelling video networking solution designed to connect your virtual audiences and remote teams.

Help your attendees really talk to each other.

Event attendees want to engage with each other. Your team wants to feel connected.

twine’s video networking solution creates opportunities for real, meaningful conversations. Attendees are placed in 1-on-1 or small group discussions where they meet each other, engage in powerful conversations, and leave feeling connected.

twine for events
twine for Events
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twine for remote teams
twine for Remote Teams
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twine for community
twine for Community
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How does it work?

Intuitive and simple, you can set up a twine for your
event or team in just a few minutes:


Set it up

Choose a date, time, and length of conversations to get your twine started. Select conversation starters from our library of questions, record an introduction, and you’re all set!

Share the link

Share your twine link with your audience or team (or embed it into your platform of choice), and let us do the rest. Your guests join the twine and are facilitated through a series of timed video conversations where they get to meet and talk to each other.

twine share a room
twine let it run

Let it run

Once a twine is scheduled, it just runs. The tool takes care of presenting the instructions, matching attendees for their conversations, and facilitating the discussion with the pre-selected questions. Set it up, and let it run.

Trusted by the best planners

"We used twine to help onboard a class of new hires, and were able to quickly and easily ensure that they met each other and our existing team. I am excited to see where they take the product!"

Tiernan Madorno
Program Manager, Microsoft

"twine was the perfect choice for me to bring the Event Tech Founders Forum community together for the purest form of networking. The platform helped the community to focus on building relationships, partnerships and connections which is of huge value to the members of our community."

Adam parry
Director, Event Tech Live

"twine sets the stage for deeper human connections in shorter timeframes by creating a safe space for talking about big topics — not just where you're from or what you do. In the currently evolving climate of work and what matters in life, twine offers a welcome warmth to the digital networking space that is critical now and will remain important for a forever changed future."

Tahira Endean
Head of Events, SITE Global

Who's using Twine?