The power of Zoom, the magic of twine

Introducing twine for Zoom.
Serendipity, networking, connection and conversation. All in Zoom.

Meeting on Zoom has become a daily part of life. We’re introducing a new way to elevate your Zoom meetings into experiences that are more engaging, dynamic, and fun!

How does twine for Zoom work?

twine for Zoom integrates seamlessly into your existing Zoom account and enables you to easily create and manage more dynamic breakout rooms. Using our match-optimization technology, we ensure participants connect with the right people.

Zoom Breakouts. With More.

Control more.

Match guests based on certain criteria that you set.

Engage more.

Map view allows guests to move themselves into groups.

Connect more.

Chat across rooms, to other guests, or with the whole meeting.

Do more.

Assign and monitor tasks within each of the breakout rooms.

Learn more about twine’s acquisition of Glimpse and why we believe twine for Zoom will change the way remote teams work, connect, and build belonging.