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First 250 attendee licenses
500 attendee licenses
1,000 attendee licenses
5,000 attendee licenses

Custom plan details & add-ons


Custom room backgrounds
Branded experiences

Security Reviews & SSO

Conduct InfoSec review
Penetration tests
Single sign-on


Embeddable twine rooms
Parameterized URLs
Custom APIs

White-glove service

Dedicated account team
Experience design and execution
Full day-of support

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Price per attendee

Attendees can be used across unlimited events.

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Custom add-ons



Branding & logo

Room backgrounds


SSO (SAML 2.0)

Custom Intergration

Information Security Reviews


Dedicated account team

Experience design solutions

Full day-of support

All packages come with:

Unlimited Events

Create as many rooms as you want and host thousands of concurrent guests.

Unlimited Rooms

Spin up rooms on the fly or leave them open, twine flexes with you.

Unlimited One to One & Small groups

Leave it up to twine to match, you just set the size.

Chat Support

Best in class support!

Pricing FAQs

How do attendee tiers work?
Because your organizational needs vary throughout the year, twine’s pricing is solely focused on how many people you plan to host. For example, if you plan to host 500 employees in a year, you would select the 500 attendee tier. If a need arose to support more attendees, you can upgrade to the next tier and we’ll prorate the remainder of the term.
How does billing work?
twine licenses the product on an annual basis. You are billed upon initial purchase, and the billing cycle will last 12 months. You can upgrade to more attendees or choose add-ons over time.
How are attendees counted?
An attendee represents someone who creates an account when joining a twine. The same person may attend multiple of your events over the year but only count once. At the end of your billing cycle, the counter will restart.