Keeping the office door open

Remote work has brought with it balance, flexibility, and autonomy to your role, but you miss the connection and camaraderie of the office.

The buzz in the office when a big deadline is met or being able to bond with co-workers over a challenge you are having, these conversations are the ones that connect you to your team - these moments create human connection.

At twine we believe strong teams build bridges through relationships. Our product focuses on creating a space that doesn’t just feel like another meeting. Our thoughtful icebreaker questions, timed conversations, and intimate setting (group conversations of up to only 5 people), allow you to create an experience  that connects you to the people you’re working with.   

twine for remote teams

Use Cases

new hire onboarding
Office Hours
team building
All Hands Meetings
sales kickoffs
Offsite Events
happy hours
Internal Social Events
digital watercooler
Virtual Watercooler
group-based matching
Speed Networking

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