Kickoffs that connect

Your sales team is among your most motivated and ambitious group so you must find high energy ways to train, motivate, and connect them if you want to see results.

Sales Kickoffs (SKOs) are about energizing the team, sharing the bigger picture, and education. In a remote world, you have lots of ways to distribute content to your team, but connecting them to share best practices, celebrate successes, and socialize can be challenging. Without these elements, your sales kick off becomes just another online meeting in their calendar.

twine can help connect your sales team by creating space for them to actually talk to build stronger sales team that generate results.

twine for remote teams

Use Cases

new hire onboarding
Sales Training
team building
Peer Networking
sales kickoffs
Sales Kick Offs (SKOs)
happy hours
Sales Social Events
digital watercooler
Cross-Department Networking
group-based matching
Speed Networking

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