twine time to meet

Building trust at the top.

Your leaders are busy managing their own team and outputs.

Staying connected to other leaders in the organization is critical in ensuring everyone is driving in the same direction. This is harder to do when opportunities for serendipitous office run-ins have been eliminated. These unplanned conversations are often the interactions that help provide context and create alignment.

In a remote world, leaders need to be more intentional about creating space to talk to and learn from each other. twine bridges team silos by helping you easily set up a space where leaders can connect with each other for impactful conversations - ones that build trust, morale, and cooperation.

Use Cases

speed networking
Leadership Conferences
breakout rooms
Leadership Retreats
pre-event networking
Speed Networking
post-event networking
Executive Off-Sites
group-based matching
Leadership Peer Groups
meet and greet
Strategic Planning Sessions

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