Simple ways to talk about complex topics

Creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive team is a priority for your organization and it’s a topic you want to talk more about. You know that diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones and to succeed, you have to create a space where your employees can share their perspectives.

DEI topics are not always easy to talk about. They are nuanced and complex. They require framing, context, and vulnerability. With remote teams, creating these forums, where people feel open to provide input, takes even more care and precision.

twine was created to power meaningful conversations. Our small groups format (maximum of 5 participants), timed conversations, well-thought out design, and guiding questions make it a space where employees feel both heard and compelled to listen.

twine for remote teams

Use Cases

new hire onboarding
Breakouts & Discussions
team building
Training Sessions
sales kickoffs
Task Force Discussions
happy hours
ERG Socials & Meetups
digital watercooler
Book Club Discussions
group-based matching
Peer Networking & Support

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