We Believe Conversations Can Change The World.

When we choose to talk with each other, we become less fragmented. Polarized. Isolated. Othered.

Life is better when you’re surrounded not by strangers, but supported by a network of meaningful connections. We are all linked by common threads, the pains and joys of just being human. twine makes humanity personal. We created twine to carve out a space where humans can come together to be human. Authentic. Vulnerable. Unfiltered. To grow and elevate each other.

Work is better when you really know the people you’re working with. Not as managers, direct reports, new hires. But, as friends, allies, parents. twine makes work personal. We created twine to carve out a space in the workplace where your team can get to know each other as humans. Over meaningful 1-to-1 conversations. Unfiltered. Authentic. Deeply understood.

Our commitment: all users that join twine for their work space will receive a free membership to twine global, our global community where we build our networks through meaningful conversations with professionals from all over the world. If your workplace isn’t using twine, you’re still warmly welcome to meet us in conversation at twine global, humanity’s space for meaningful conversations and connections.