twine for onboarding

Not your regular first day.

Onboarding is complex enough even without the challenges that remote work introduced.

Without any established relationships, rapport with their team, or understanding of how things work, a new employee can quickly feel out of place.

twine can be used to onboard new employees by quickly introducing them to members of their team, giving them an opportunity to connect with senior leadership, and creating a space where they can connect with each other.  Beyond just ensuring they have the tools to success, twine allows new employees to share their learnings with each other, quickly gain context of company culture & dynamic, and get to know their team.

Use Cases

monthly networking events
New Employee Introductions
community orientation
Company Orientation
speed networking
Speed Networking
pre-event networking
Leadership Introductions
post-event networking
group-based matching

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Black In Events Network

Black In Events Network connect & support each other through twine

The Black in Events Network (BIEN) is a global network created to amplify the voices of black event professionals and black owned event businesses. The community of over 2,000 members, founded by Keneisha Williams, has made a huge impact within the events industry in a short time, successfully creating awareness and opportunities for black #eventprofs.