twine for events

twine time to meet

It's not another meeting.

Most organizations have mastered the ability to disperse information to employees in a remote-first world, but helping teams collaborate across functional teams, and ensuring employees feel connected is much harder to do virtually. What used to be accomplished at the company social, you have to now deliver remotely.

twine can be used to create a space where employees can talk, laugh, learn, and share experiences is critical to company morale and culture.

It’s not exactly your company potluck, but twine delivers a solution that allows you to recreate those simple moments of connection and joy - the ones that make employees want to go to work.

Use Cases

speed networking
All Hands Meetings
breakout rooms
Internal Conferences
pre-event networking
Lunch & Learns
post-event networking
Social Events
group-based matching
Team Meetings
meet and greet
Meet and Greet

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