What if you could have a meaningful convo, with anyone, in just 8 minutes?

Meet some of the most kind, curious, and deep-thinking humans on the planet for meaningful 1-to-1 short conversations, via video.

Who will I meet at twine? twine is a playground for the curious, a mental gym for the growth-minded, a social community for those who love humans and their stories. Break out of your bubble and discover the threads you have in common with others you'd never normally meet.

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What will I get out of my twine convos? We're the sum average of the conversations we have. At twine, practice your curiosity, deep listening, courage, and vulnerability through convos with other like-valued humans. Discover a community where there’s zero risk to being authentically yourself as you explore life’s most meaningful questions.

team twine

Lawrence Coburn

Cofounder & CEO


Lawrence Coburn (CEO) has spent the last 9 years as the CEO / Founder of DoubleDutch powering tens of thousands of live event experiences with engagement technology.  He is the domain expert on the use of technology to bring people together.  He is a father, husband, loves basketball (and now tennis!), and is an avid sci-fi reader.

Diana Rau

Cofounder & CXO


Diana is a deep conversation instigator and 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Impact Entrepreneur. She cofounded Veterati, the leading digital mentoring platform for Veterans, which has created over $70m of economic opportunity for the military community through its on-demand 1-to-1 mentoring conversations. She was head of innovation at DoubleDutch, where she built 1-to-1 conversation tech to break down walls and build trust within communities.

Taylor McLoughlin

VP Operations & Partnerships

Taylor brings over 4 years experience working at the confluence of the digital and physical worlds. He has an operations and analytics background rounded out by leading the marketing team for DoubleDutch through acquisition. He's energized by creating experiences that spark meaningful connections and likes to maintain balance with sailing, sports, and personal wellness.

How do we get to a meaningful convo, in just 8 minutes? At twine, dive deep into meaty, heady topics that make you feel most alive. Convos happen via video on our app and last for just 8 minutes, and focus on 1 question you have in common w your partner. Choose from our library of 250+ deep questions, including everyday (parenting, career, health), existential (family, love, purpose) and taboo topics (religion, politics, death). 

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