Black In Events Network connect & support each other through twine

Black In Events Network connect & support each other through twine


The Black in Events Network (BIEN) is a global network created to amplify the voices of black event professionals and black owned event businesses. The community of over 2,000 members, founded by Keneisha Williams, has made a huge impact within the events industry in a short time, successfully creating awareness and opportunities for black #eventprofs.

The challenge

Created during the global pandemic, the BIEN is a purely virtual community, where most members have never had the opportunity to meet in person. Members of this community face similar challenges, are looking for ways to share best practices, and need a way to connect with each other.  The BIEN has hosted several community events via Zoom and Clubhouse, but wanted to find a way to provide face to face networking opportunities for their members, who are spread all over the world.

The opportunity

The BIEN launched their summer Exhale campaign, which was an initiative focused on the mental and physical wellness of their members. Leveraging user-generated content, social media, and a promotional campaign, BIEN urged members to take a moment to exhale. BIEN partnered with twine to host a series of community networking events where members were invited to connect with each other. Attendees were asked to bring their personal challenges, as well as tips and resources to help support each other.

The Experience Design

The results

“twine is a simple and powerful tool that allows us to keep our community connected. In a virtual world, it is hard to build connections and opportunities for networking within a geographically diverse community, and using twine has allowed Black in Events to build channels for our members to connect with each other in real-time. It is easy to use, easy to set up and their customer success team is amazing at supporting our team.”

Keneisha Williams
Keneisha Williams
Founder, Black In Events Network