Remote 101: How To Create Meaningful Connections For New Employees

On-boarding into a new role during shelter-in-place is one of the most challenging things for new hires to experience. No new employee lunches, happy hours, intros round the office. Human connection reduced to a slack channel, or worse, email, or maybe worse in its own way...awkward zoom happy hours with

The Next Chapter of the Consumerized Enterprise is Employee First

Way back in 2010 when I was starting DoubleDutch and we were looking at how to bring the thing to market, a company we were watching closely was Yammer. Yammer had exploded onto the scene as an early, enterprise social network and collaboration platform.  Their product was fine I guess,

5 Crucial Conversations For Leaders (And Anyone) To Have In The Workplace

It’s the end of the workplace as we’ve known it: there is no longer a separation of our professional and personal selves. Our new reality: we bring our perspectives, our families, our whole selves into work. Companies increasingly care about employees’ mental, emotional, and social health and well-being. Consumers (and