Help new employees build connections

twine helps new employees network and build new relationships to help them thrive in their new roles.

Create a virtual water cooler for your team

twine helps employees get-to-know each other in fun, intentional, meaningful short video conversations.

Build a culture of inclusive conversations

twine helps D,E, & I teams scale critical conversations that lead to cultural transformation.

We believe conversations
can change the world.

When we choose to talk with each other, we become less fragmented. Polarized. Isolated. Othered.


Create a Space

Set up your company space in 60 seconds to host conversations for your team.


Set the Context

Create topic-based Rooms, where you can curate the questions for participants to discuss. Choose from 300+ thoughtfully curated questions, or create your own.


Spark Conversations

Invite your team to Rooms for live 1-to-1 video convos. Convos can be set to as long or short as you'd like. Participants can pop in for just one convo, or explore multiple matches back-to-back.

Connect Your Workplace Through Conversations

Remote work & social distancing can make work feel transactional. Light up your employee network with meaningful conversations that strengthen trust, build connections that last, and make work more meaningful.

Ready to have better conversations?

Driving Conversations Everywhere

I really loved the Twine experience as I got to know two of my coworkers better in a matter of minutes and in a very natural way through the thoughtful questions. In the six months of being remote, I have had very few engaged 1:1 convos with coworkers about non-work stuff, so this was really refreshing.
Carly Elvandahl
Product Manager, Rocket Miles
twine has been magical for the Big Talk community. For the first time, our friends from around the world have been able to have meaningful conversations with each other outside of their home towns. As Big Talk's founder, I've been able to meet Big Talkers who I before only knew through emails / Instagram direct messages. To put a soul to a name, and connect through twine has been life changing.
Kalina Silverman
Founder & CEO, Big Talk
We used twine as a Zoom Happy Hour replacement and it was a lot of fun!
Liz Hawkins Tahawi
Director of Marketing, Onfleet


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